Street Art Expressionism


About artificial intelligence and our future

Techno-Optimist, science fiction enthusiast and slightly paranoid. That would be me. But enough about me, I’m just here to give you some context as you join me on this journey through the jaws of my collection called Singularity.

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This collection is based on questions, concerns and fears…
Am I the only one who thinks we are a click away from extinction?
Are the Metaverses the dawn of the black, oily abyss masterminded by the Wachowskis?
Step in, take the blue pill and let go: Deepfakes, AlphaZero, Boston Dynamics and an interminable dictionary of incomprehensible innovation await.
The succession of technological advances pours down like a constant cascade, threatening to choke us. Do you know what I mean? Like in that photo of the snake that burst trying to swallow a much larger animal.
It’s too late for regrets. It’s time to gobble it up, make space and pray that our digestive system can work fast enough to stop us from choking on all this innovation.

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