Diego Tirigall

Pop Street Art

Diego Tirigall

Pop Street Art

Diego Tirigall

Pop Street Art

Diego Tirigall

Pop Street Art

Diego Tirigall

Pop Street Art

Large Paintings

Paths of Memory

Size: 2.60 x 1.95 cm

Materials: Acrylic, Enamel, Oil Pastel, Spray Paint, Pages from antique books, Oil Stick, Oil Pencil and Solid Markers.

This artwork, taking several months to complete, captures a profound exploration of memory and introspection, featuring a striking goat alongside words such as “Fresh” and “Enjoy,” each saturated with deep symbolism. While subtly inspired by Jordi Sierra’s reflections on “goat paths,” it invites a broader contemplation of life’s intricate tapestry. For a deeper dive into its rich symbolism, click the button below.

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Invest in a unique artwork from my collection and support the artistic community by promoting creative expression and contributing to the ongoing development of the art world.

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Street Artist working in his studio

A Visual Storyteller

Welcome. I am Diego Tirigall, a distinguished contemporary artist, celebrated for my vibrant Street Art works. My creations grace galleries and private collections around the world, and I am available for personalized artistic commissions.
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In my art, I blend the effervescent energy of street art and pop culture with incisive social critique. My paintings are a canvas for the exploration of contemporary themes like artificial intelligence, decentralization, and social networks. Each piece is a visual dialogue, challenging perceptions and provoking deep reflection.

If you’re looking for bold art that makes an impactful statement, you’re in the right place. I invite you to explore my online collection or to get in touch with me to discuss ideas for personalized artwork.

My Vision

Belong to the rare 0.5%? Uncover the vibrant stories hidden within my street art collections.

Painting details by Tirigall on his Unhealthy Preserves Collection


Uncover ‘Unhealthy Preserves’, where art meets our digital identities. Dive into this critique of social media’s enchantment, revealing our collective portrait in the age of likes and instant gratification. Inspired by Warhol, this collection challenges our technicolor yet insipid realities.

Painting details by Tirigall on his Bitcoin Collection


Explore ‘Bitcoin and Blockchain Boom’, a gripping dive into the birth of Bitcoin, the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto, and the grand scale of their impact on our future. Where might this digital currency lead us?

Painting details by Tirigall on his artificial intelligence collection


Dive into ‘Singularity’, an artistic reflection on the evolution of AI and its impact on our humanity. Explore how our dependence on technology is leading us towards an uncertain future

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