I’m a Visual Storyteller creating affordable Neo Expressionist and Street Art for sale.

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A Visual Storyteller

Welcome.  I am Diego, and I am a skillful modern artist specializing in Neo Expressionism artworks and street art for sale.  I also specialize in canvas art commissions and large paintings.

As you browse my eclectic art gallery online, you will notice art genres resembling pop art, street art, art brut, Neo Expressionist and mixed media forms. These styles originate from my art influences like Banksy, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Keith Haring.

My modern artwork is eye-catching, colorful, and affordable.  I use expressive brushstrokes, vivid colors, scrawled words, and distorted forms in my paintings to depict fragmented pop culture ideas, which will astonish your senses. The goal is to create both a visual and psychological experience.

My experimental approach blends Neo Expressionism, street art, and pop art into a unique voice, which became my signature style. Mixing media such as wood, paper, and found objects added a layer and depth to my artwork too. Combined, these techniques produced an original painting collection that is enjoyable and thought-provoking.    

If you are expecting to make a real statement with wall art, you came to the right page.  Check out my extensive collection online or contact me to discuss new ideas and concepts you may have for commissioned art. I can ship my artworks and original paintings internationally for free.

Rustic Industrial Art

Art on Reclaimed Wood

My collection of rustic industrial wall art for sale is full of distressed details and vintage charm.

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