Diego Tirigall is a multidisciplinary artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Currently based in Spain, his works on recycled wood and canvas merge rustic simplicity with graceful aesthetics due to the number of layers and different techniques he creatively uses.

The main motive of Diego’s works is the relationship between nature and urbanity, and the possibility of meaning that they contain.

With an eclectic and irreverent style, he combines words and scrawled drawings with worn-out textures. He wants to depict the natural wear left by the passage of time, symbolizing the impermanence of a whole.

Inspired by the ancient Wabi-sabi (侘寂) philosophy, Diego works with recycled materials – fragments of found posters and billboards, reclaimed wood – and then intervenes them (including mixed mediums) with traditional ones, such as acrylic, spray, oil pastel, oil stick, enamel, pencils and markers. He often adds digital interventions to this process, which he transfers applying analogue techniques.