Braintrust | Painting

a Neo-Expressionist painting

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27.5 W x 39.5 H x 0.75 / 69 x 100 x 2 cm


Enamel, Acrylic, Oil, Pastel, Spray Paint on Canvas.




This colorful painting is stretched, wired and ready to hang. The sides of this mixed-media artwork are painted, and it does not require framing.


Provided with 2 certificates: The traditional Certificate of Authenticity and A digital certificate based on blockchain technology (Provenance & Certificate). It provides provenance tracking and authenticity verification for future collectors.

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About “Braintrust”

Its Meaning

This cool art for sale, named Braintrust, represents a future beyond our control. The vintage robot is walking in a place surrounded by information. This represents how people are surrounded by information through technology with no moment of spirituality.

The Materials

Mixing drawings of expressive brushstrokes and old book cuttings inspired this layered mixed media painting. Vibrant colors like blue, red, yellow, and green represent the background. The robot was created from pastels, oil pastel, and acrylic. The primary colors represent the shades resembling Neo Expressionism and Street Art. Several words included in the artwork were words going through my head when I painted.

The Inspiration

The artwork’s theme stems from Ed Catmull's book titled Creativity. The book inspired me to create a creative process out of control. Contemporary street artists such as Shepard Fairey and Kaws were my inspiration. The name Braintrust combines Pixar's working style in animation and the words Brain Trust and Trost. Trost is a German word meaning consolidation.

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