The artist’s journey

Merging and developing Street Art, Pop Art, and Urban Art

The gallery of recently sold paintings showcases the growth and evolution in the artist’s career. Through a wide variety of themes and styles, the artworks reflect the world around us and the artist’s concerns and hopes.

In this collection of sold paintings, you can appreciate the artist’s journey through various street art styles, from Neo-Expressionism influenced by Basquiat to pop street art and abstraction. A diverse range of topics – including technology, decentralization, the crypto world, nutrition, and the passage of time – make each piece unique, evoking emotions and reflections in those who view them.

Moreover, the gallery features images and personal stories that offer a glimpse into the artist’s life and creative process. Linked to the artist’s blog, these stories help visitors understand how each street art piece reflects the creator’s concerns and hopes. We invite you to explore this collection, and if you feel inspired, visit the paintings for sale page to find the perfect piece that resonates with you and enriches your surroundings.

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