Goat’s Journey

a Street Art Painting

Goat’s Journey

a Street Art Painting

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83 W x 138 H inches / 210 x 3.50 cm


Enamel, Acrylic, Paper Collage, Oil Pastel, Oil Stick on Canvas.




This colorful painting is stretched, wired and ready to hang. The sides of this mixed-media artwork are painted, and it does not require framing.

Certification Details:

Included with this painting is a Certificate of Authenticity, endorsed and validated by the artist themselves. This exclusive document guarantees the authenticity of the work, and is the only certificate acknowledged by the artist for future collectors.

Shipping included 7 day money-back guarantee
Tirigall's enormous Street Art painting in the lobby of a luxurious space, infusing it with style and modernism.
Tirigall's towering, large-scale vertical painting, 'Goat's Journey,' stands impressively in the captivating environment of an abandoned factory.

Artwork Insights

Journey Through Duality: An Exploration of Tirigall's Goat's Journey

The Duality of Life

Diego Tirigall's "Goat's Journey" is a poignant exploration of life's inherent duality, a theme that harkens back to the concept of the "doppelgänger" found in literature and art. Two goats stand in contrast - one, large and white, the other, small and black - symbolizing the dance between wisdom and naivety, light and darkness, age and youth. This reflects the essence of the doppelgänger idea: that each being carries its mirror image within, representing the diverse, and sometimes contradictory, aspects of the self.

Navigating the Chaos

The canvas comes alive with a riot of colors and shapes, an organized chaos that mirrors Edward Lorenz's chaos theory - within apparent randomness, patterns and meanings emerge. Each layer of color, each form, represents a story, a thought, an emotion; seemingly chaotic at first glance but revealing an intrinsic order upon closer inspection. In this tumultuous landscape, symbols of unity - the Olympic-like rings and a golden star - stand out, offering the promise of harmony and shared aspirations in the face of disorder.

The Clash of Eras

From the vibrant life of the canvas, a vintage robot makes its presence known. Its anachronistic presence against the organic backdrop symbolizes the intrusion of the artificial in the natural world, or perhaps the coexistence of past and present in our modern reality.

"Goat's Journey," thus, can be seen as an interpretation of life itself: a voyage teeming with contrasts and challenges, illuminated by golden aspirations, and straddling the divide between the past and the future, the personal and the universal. The journey highlights the importance of wisdom and resilience in navigating life's dualities and apparent chaos. Yet, these interpretations are but one way to approach this complex artwork. In the end, Tirigall's work opens up a vast sea of meanings, inviting each viewer to chart their unique course through this vibrant journey.

Additional Details

The Longevity and Excellence of My Art
Unwavering Commitment to Quality: When it comes to my art, I place an uncompromised emphasis on quality. My commitment to excellence extends beyond aesthetics to the painstaking selection of materials that will ensure longevity and maintain the vibrancy of my work. From the top-tier varnishes to the specialized protective layers – every choice is a conscious step towards creating an investment that will stand the test of time.
Time-Honored Techniques of the Great Masters: In the footsteps of the great masters throughout history, I diligently apply a protective coat to each piece before the varnishing process. This meticulous method, often bypassed in modern-day painting, serves as a pivotal element in preserving the original charm and enabling future restoration of each artwork. Even though this additional step influences my profit margin, I firmly believe in its importance for ensuring each masterpiece I create can withstand the passage of time, enabling enjoyment across generations.
Longevity of the Pieces: One of the most important aspects of my work is the longevity of the pieces. I take great pride in using only the highest quality, professional-grade materials in my paintings. This ensures that the art you invest in today will endure, retaining its vibrancy and detail for a lifetime. The durability of my work is a testament to my commitment to quality and the love I have for my craft.
Material Durability
Tripled in Value: The value of my work hasn’t remained steady, it has tripled! In the past four years, the growing recognition of my art on the international scene is reflected in the consistent increase in the value of my pieces. My works have made their way into prestigious art galleries from Beverly Hills to Seoul, adorning the walls of art lovers worldwide.
Proactive in My Career: Balancing creative passion with the business acumen necessary in the 21st century, I take a proactive role in my career. I’m not waiting for opportunities to knock; I’m creating them.
Investment in Social Message: When you invest in my art, you’re also investing in a powerful social message. Each piece serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations and critical reflections on societal issues.
Capturing the Energy of the Streets: My art captures the unabashed energy of the streets. It’s a defiant beauty that refuses to blend into the background. When you bring one of my pieces into your home, you’re not just decorating a space; you’re injecting it with the dynamic energy of the urban landscape.
Choosing My Art: By choosing my art, you’re investing in quality, dedication, thought-provoking content, and a boldly authentic experience. The value of my work isn’t static; it’s an upward journey, a testament to my commitment to my craft and the growing appreciation of collectors worldwide.
Committed to Quality, Even in Transit
When you invest in my art, you’re investing in more than the artwork itself. You’re investing in a process that prioritizes quality, down to the smallest detail, including shipping.
Artisan Packaging: Every box I use for shipping is hand-crafted and specially made to fit each unique painting.
Professional Standard Wooden Crates: For larger pieces, I employ robust wooden crates that meet the strictest professional standards of shipping, akin to those used by art galleries and museums worldwide.
A Layered Approach to Protection: These crates are prepared meticulously with layers of professional-grade protective materials. Acid-free tissue paper, bubble wrap, foam corner protectors, and ultra-resistant cardboard layers come together to form a ‘floating’ cushion for the artwork, ensuring it remains safe and secure during transit.
Preparation Time The process of packaging, arranging pick-up, and gathering the artwork from storage can take up to three days for cardboard boxes. With regards to wooden crates, I often have a few prepared in my studio to expedite the process, but there can be exceptions. Specific timelines can be discussed anytime upon request.
Shipping Your art is typically shipped within 3 to 5 business days following packaging, including international shipments to the United States.
Personalized Tracking and Customer Support: I take a hands-on approach to every stage of the shipping process, offering manual updates at each step. I’m available for any questions or concerns you might have during this time.
Guarantee Despite the meticulous care I put into each shipment, should any issues arise upon receipt of your artwork, I am committed to resolving them without hesitation.
Invest with Confidence I assure you, from creation to delivery, every step in the journey of your artwork is handled with utmost care. When you support my art, you’re not just purchasing a painting; you’re investing in a high-quality experience from start to finish.
Confidence in Art, Confidence in Purchase
One unique aspect of supporting my art is the unparalleled ‘7-Day Money Back Guarantee’ that I provide. I take great pride in my work and am always thrilled when collectors tell me that my paintings are even more impressive in person than in photographs. This consistency in exceeding expectations has given me the confidence to offer this guarantee.
7-Day Money Back Guarantee: In the unlikely event that you’re not fully satisfied with the artwork once it arrives, I offer a full refund. Whether it’s not quite what you imagined or it doesn’t fit in your space the way you’d hoped, I understand. Simply contact me within seven days of receiving your artwork to initiate the return process. No questions asked, I promise.
Inherent Value: My ultimate goal is to share the disruptive energy and bold statement of my art with the world. Offering a seven-day money-back guarantee is just one way of demonstrating the trust I have in the value of my work and my commitment to your satisfaction. So, feel free to invest with the thrill of rebellion and embrace the unapologetic force and vivid details of my art in your space.


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Mark Reed

May 12, 2023

Exceeded Expectations and Surprised Me!

Tirigall truly exceeded every expectation. Diego was an absolute pleasure to work with, always intuitively grasping and accommodating my specific preferences with unparalleled patience. The painting, an immediate highlight in my collection, arrived exactly as it was portrayed in the website images. The thoughtful inclusion of a pair of white, museum-grade gloves for the handling and hanging of the artwork was a delightful surprise – a detail so remarkable that I just had to share it on my Instagram! Thank you, Diego, for your exceptional service and for this stunning addition to my collection. Your attention to detail truly caters to those of us who appreciate the finer nuances.

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