Skateboard Art Hanging


Hanging Elements

1. Metallic Moulding Plate – 1 unit.
2. Skateboard Deck Long Screws – 2 units.
3. Short Wall Screw – 1 unit.
4. Plastic Anchor – 1 unit.
5. End Caps – 2 units.


Material Overview 

In this picture, you’ll see all the different elements of our hanging system. There are two long skateboard screws that secure the deck to the metallic moulding plate, as well as one short black screw, which holds the plate to the wall. There’s also a small plastic anchor used for extra wall stability, and two sleek end caps that go on the end of the long screws.


Assembly Process

The placing of the screws is essential. You’ll need to put the two long screws in the same direction at each end of the plate. The short, black screw goes in the center in the opposite direction. The center screw’s head fits perfectly within the hole of the plate, ready to be driven into the wall.


Leveling for Alignment

As you’ll see, a bubble level is used to get the skateboard perfectly aligned. The level sits on top of the screws, letting you make sure your deck is parallel to the floor. If you don’t have a bubble level, no worries—you can adjust the board by slightly rotating the plate once it’s attached to the wall.


Screwing to the wall

This detailed picture shows you how to insert the center screw into the wall using a Phillips screwdriver. This step is essential in ensuring the moulding plate is properly fixed to the wall—it’s this plate that gives you a stable base for hanging your skateboard.


Skateboard Installation

Now, you can see how to put the skateboard onto the side screws through the top holes. The skateboard sits snugly on the screws, keeping it secure for display.


Attaching the Screw End Caps

Here’s how to fasten the end caps to the long screws. You can do this easily by hand—no additional tools needed. Tightening the end caps not only makes sure the skateboard is secured to the plate but also gives it a neat, balanced look.


Adjusting the Ideal Skateboard Position 

In this step, you’ll see how to make final adjustments to ensure the deck’s position isn’t too close to the wall.

Finished Presentation


A gallery wall featuring Street Art paintings by Diego Tirigall within an eclectic interior design.

Here’s the final desired position for the skateboard in relation to the end caps. With the board nicely aligned and closely positioned to the end caps, you have an inviting, visually appealing display. Make sure there’s no extra space between the caps and board—it should be a tight, clean look.

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