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Welcome to my Rustic Wall Art Collection

The Rustic Art Collection is art on wood, and it consists of four categories: Vintage World Map, Rustic Geometry, Wild Animals and Women. The artworks are industrial themed masterpieces that contain elements I love. Examples are shabby chic innocence, chipped paint, and rural western style wood with a farmhouse decor touch and an extreme eye for detail mixed in. Any elements added to the artwork are a tool expressing my vision about the beauty of time passing by.

Vintage World Maps

Wild Animals

Rustic Geometry


I love the idea of combining art, nature, and history to create stunning artwork. The reused, yet natural wood originating from old barn beams to abandoned pallet planks combined with my vision creates a rustic handcrafted piece that’s visually appealing and eco-friendly. While it’s great for a beach house or a rustic themed home, the collection offers a lovely contrast to classic and elegant home decor too. All artwork in the Rustic Art Collection are available for sale now. It will be available on affordable prints soon. Learn more about pricing and availability by browsing the artwork on this page.

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