Dripping Studies

Chinese ink, watercolor, acrylic and final digital retouches.

A small random selection of my dripping studies

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Using chinese ink, watercolor and acrylic I merge my experience as a motion graphic designer with action painting techniques from the legendary Jackson Pollok or the outstanding Richard Hambleton.

What is the meaning of street art?

Street art refers to art created in public outdoor locations, and can take a variety of forms, including graffiti and mural. It is usually unsanctioned, often being referred to as “independent art”.

What is street art called?

Street art can be referred to by a number of other names, including “independent art”, “mural”, “post-graffiti” and “guerrilla art”.

What is an example of street art?

An example of street art is graffiti. Graffiti has existed since the ancient Greek and Egyptian period, and can serve different functions, such as to convey a message or to be purely aesthetic.

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