Envy Soup Preserves | Painting

a Neo-Expressionist painting

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15.7 W x 19.5 H in / 40 x 50 cm


Enamel, Acrylic, Oil, Pastel, Spray Paint, Characol, Spray, Oil Stick, Oil Stick and papers on Canvas.




This colorful painting is stretched, wired and ready to hang. The sides of this mixed-media artwork are painted, and it does not require framing.


Provided with 2 certificates: The traditional Certificate of Authenticity and A digital certificate based on blockchain technology (Provenance & Certificate). It provides provenance tracking and authenticity verification, which will be useful if the piece is sold in the future.

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About “Envy Soup Preserves”


Part of the Unhealthy Preserves series, A Facebook painting combines it, the deadly sins, and Andy Warhol’s mystical Campbell’s soup can.

If Linkedin's Creator Say So

I use the theory that the major social sites are successful because it capitalizes on basic instincts that imitate the 7 deadly sins. Even Reid Hoffman, Linkedin's co-founder, agrees with the philosophy because he expressed in interviews that social networks align itself with capital sins.

Zuckerberg's Envy

The deadly sin Envy pairs best with the biggest site in the world, Facebook. I believe envy identifies with Facebook because it began as a place to show yourself and your interests and generate the envy of your "friends" through likes. The more friends like your page or like your posts, the more envious your "friends" become. It also ties to the Cambridge Analysis scandal. Therefore, I express the love-hate relationship society has with social networks such as Facebook using strong and defined blue, black, red, and yellow brushstrokes.

The Painting

Like Linkedin and Twitter, Facebook has a blue shaded Campbell soup can with the Facebook Logo in the center. The pop street art contains words like "addiction" and the dollar sign, and both repeat using oil pastels.

I hope you enjoy the outsider art for sale as much as I do.

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