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39.3 W x 39.3 H x 0.8 / 100 x 100 x 3 cm


Enamel, Spray Paint, Oil Pastel, Oil Stick




This colorful painting is stretched, wired and ready to hang. The sides of this mixed-media artwork are painted, and it does not require framing.


Provided with 2 certificates: The traditional Certificate of Authenticity and A digital certificate based on blockchain technology (Provenance & Certificate). It provides provenance tracking and authenticity verification for future collectors.

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About this painting

"Diet" is a 1 meter by 1 meter painting featuring a surreal arrangement of objects and symbols. The composition is divided into three main elements: a bottle of Coke on the left, a fish emerging from the word "Diet" on the right, and a central grouping of a vase and a skull with a large X on it. The skull serves as the focal point of the painting, with arms that appear to embrace the other elements in the scene. The background of the painting features an incomplete text that reads "this is life."

Through "Diet," I found myself reflecting on the complex interplay between popular culture, the decisions and choices we make in our daily lives, and the material objects that define us as individuals. How much does popular culture influence our daily decisions and choices? What makes us ponder the transience of life and death? What significance do we attach to material objects in our lives?

By representing the Coca-Cola bottle and the word "Diet" in the painting, I sought to explore the influence of information and media on our decision-making. But at the same time, the inclusion of the vase and skull symbolize mortality and the transience of all material things. The X on the skull serves as a reminder of the reality of death and an invitation to reflect on our relationship with objects and life itself.

Finally, how much importance do we give to the information we consume and how it affects our perception of life? Through "Diet," I hope to have posed these questions and invited viewers to consider their own diet of information and objects, and how it affects their perception of life.

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