Reclaimed Wood Art Commissions


I’ve made the whole experience of owning a bespoke piece of art a very enjoyable and simple one.
No contracts to sign, no financial commitment up-front and everything completed on time.

Commissioning is a little more expensive than buying one that’s already done but it does have three big advantages:


1. Get multiple variations to choose from

Once we’ve agreed on size, price and colours I’ll go away and paint two variations. I’ll send you hi-resolution pictures, tell me what you want to change and I’ll go paint another one. We will repeat this process until you have a few canvases that you really like.

Essentially, I keep painting until you start whooping with delight.

Once you’re happy you’d like to see all the paintings I’ve created for you I’ll bring everything with me on install day and let you choose which one you actually want.

You don’t have to settle for just one painting anymore – I will do as many as it takes to get it right, no matter what.

2. Fixed-price, no deposit, no obligation

Prices for my commissioned paintings do carry a small premium as there is a lot more work involved in the process. My prices stay FIXED – no matter how many variations we go through to get it right.

There is NO deposit to pay at any point and there is NO financial commitment until it’s hanging on the wall and you’re happy*. That’s the point you at which you pay and not before.

A BACS transfer is the easiest way to pay and will be requested once you’re happy with everything. I am a bona-fide VAT registered business and provide full invoices for all my work.

*Applies to private and business commissions. Clients outside the UK will be required to pay, in full, for any work leaving the UK. There is no minimum spend or minimum size requirement.


3. Hand-made, delivered and hung for you

The price includes stretching it over a frame and hanging it on your wall – all of which my install team will do for you.*

A Valuation Letter and a Certificate of Authenticity are included as is UK VAT (reclaimable if you’re buying art for your business). If you have a UK postcode then delivery is free.

I work with you to get you the piece of art you’ve always wanted. I will fill your living space with something extraordinary, that’s a promise I always keep.

I have a long list of clients I have painted for and any one of them will be happy to tell you how awesome the whole thing is. If you want unbiased testimonials please let me know and I’ll put you in touch with someone.

If you live outside the UK I ask for payment before my work leaves me, that’s the only real difference.

*Available to UK customers only and any multi piece installation. Some geographical restrictions apply.