Buenos Aires-born artist Diego Tirigall has worked for more than a decade in Motion Graphics, Design, and FX exploring different styles of graphic arts under the alias of Maximilian San.

Today, he combines and recombines playful forms and bold colors to try new styles and perspectives, manipulating textures with different layers, paints and other materials. To create entire new worlds, he works his canvases, layering, scraping, and piling up textures to give added dimensions and create entire new worlds. The stylistic versatility allows Diego to give his personal yet very diverse expression to each of his works. "Neverending movements and things coming to life... This is what I learned from Motion Graphics and the way I found to translate my visions." 

"I want anyone who stands in front of my works to feel the need to take a second look, to surprise them with something that didn't seem to be there before. It is the viewer's gaze flowing from one side to the other what completes my work."