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This page showcases my new neo-expressionist original artworks for sale. Look around.

I paint using the mixed media process. I use enamel, acrylic, spray, pastels, and oil slick. My artwork uses multiple layers representing texture and complexity while incorporating recycled elements to achieve a 3D effect. Combined with Basquiat style words and drawings, my paintings send a message in story form that offers perspective and reflection.

Neo-expressionism is the driving force behind my artwork, which often explores critical contemporary themes that I find pivotal for our society’s present and future. My work merges street art with neo-expressionism, reflecting upon subjects such as artificial intelligence and social networks. These timely issues inspire contemplation and reflection, creating a dialogue that is intrinsic to the street art style of my work.

My art embodies a wide range of styles, including Street Art, Pop Art, and Expressionism, while strongly resonating with the influences of neo-expressionism. I hold artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat in high regard, an admiration that is neither hidden nor denied. In fact, multiple paintings of mine serve as tributes to Basquiat, the esteemed “Radiant Child,” an homage recognized by those familiar with the nuances of art history.

By integrating these varied influences, I have developed a unique style that not only engages with relevant themes but also stands distinctly as my own. This unique approach ensures that each piece I create is not merely an artwork but also a conversation starter, reflecting the society we inhabit.

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