Botox Soup

Street Art painting

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51.2 x 63.7 in / 130 x 162 cm


Enamel, Spray Paint, Oil Pastel and Acrylic




This colorful painting is stretched, wired and ready to hang. The sides of this mixed-media artwork are painted, and it does not require framing.


Included with this painting is a Certificate of Authenticity, endorsed and validated by the artist themselves. This exclusive document guarantees the authenticity of the work, and is the only certificate acknowledged by the artist for future collectors.

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Creative interior enhancement embellished by a Diego Tirigall creation, Botox Soup, favored by room design experts
Complex composition Botox Soup set in an abandoned house

Botox Soup: Hidden Perspectives

Cosmetics and Packaged Goods, The Everyday Marvels of the 21st Century

"Botox Soup" stands as a vibrant, evocative outcry gazing at us from the silence of the canvas. While we look at the sleek facade of a society that believes it needs to stay youthful and attractive in order to survive, why not allow ourselves a chuckle or two? The word 'botox', our dependable weapon against the onslaught of time, fittingly becomes the metaphor in this painting. How amusing and ironic it is that we are akin to a can of preserved youth!

In conjunction, the artwork invites us to ponder over Marshall McLuhan’s renowned phrase, "The medium is the message". Isn’t it mildly humorous that this painting discusses social media in a similar manner to how people conversed about television six decades ago? Amidst this digital revolution brushstroke, TikTok transforms into the new face of communication while TV, once the ever-vibrant star of the media world, sees its reign diminishing from a humble corner, resigned.

A Soup No One Could Spit Out

Amongst the laughter, the iconic Campbell’s cans emerge, symbols of a consumerism that has become our daily sustenance. Almost unassumingly, a nod to diversity and respect subtly slips into the artwork under the shiny veneer of the 'Pride Soup' label. After all, in this whirlwind dance of different identities that encircles us, each person contributes something unique to the melting pot of our society. Bon appétit!

Secret Messages Lurking at the Can's Bottom

Lastly, it would be remiss not to acknowledge the concealed text snippets eerily peering from the canvas. They are analogous to the bones you accidentally swallow when you hastily devour a steaming bowl of soup. These hidden messages serve as reminders that, despite the brilliance of the digital world, there remain truths hidden in the shadows, voices waiting to be heard. Isn't it tragic that in this era of ultra-communication, some messages still remain silenced?


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Claire Sullivan

May 14, 2022

Happy and Happier!

I’m totally smitten with our newest ‘family addition’ haha. It showed up super fast and in tip-top shape. We’re still on the hunt for that perfect wall space, but once we’ve got it up, we’ll be sure to capture the moment and shoot those pics over to you, Diego. Appreciate it!

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