A Glimpse of Mankind | Painting

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51 x 62 in – 130 x 160 cm


Enamel, Solid Marker, Acrylic, Stray Paint, Oil Pastel, Oil Stick on Canvas.




This colorful painting is stretched, wired and ready to hang. The sides of this mixed-media artwork are painted, and it does not require framing.


Provided with the traditional Certificate of Authenticity.

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"A Glimpse of Mankind": Decoding the Artwork"

"A Glimpse of Mankind": A Cry of Resistance

The epicenter of Tirigall's large painting, "A Glimpse of Mankind," is undeniably the penetrating message, "You are killing a man." Allegedly attributed to Ernesto "Che" Guevara before his execution, this powerful declaration confronts us directly, questioning our own involvement in the power and oppression systems that structure our world. Echoing Che's final challenge to his executioner, this expressive artwork challenges us, the viewers, to become conscious of our actions and their impact on humanity.

Symbols of the Future and Diversity: Shaping Our Reality

The landscape of "A Glimpse of Mankind" is speckled with contemporary and futuristic symbols. The Bitcoin logo and the coin bearing the text "Billion" "Yen" nod to the digital revolution and its profound effect on our economy and valuation of worth. Alongside them, the hands from "The Creation of Adam" suggest that we are in the process of shaping our own future, one where digital reality is still emerging. The Olympic rings and Bowie's "Blackstar" stars create a mosaic of human unity and diversity, reminding us of the vital importance of art and culture in shaping our collective identity.

The Clock and the Gold of Time

The Prague astronomical clock, in its quiet majesty, reminds us of the incalculable value of time. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "Do not squander your time, for that is the stuff life is made of." This painting becomes an echo of that wisdom, inviting us to value the present, pure gold, and to be aware of how our time shapes the tapestry of humanity.

Dualities and Reflections: The Human Condition

In true expressionist style, Tirigall's work also invites us to reflect on the inherent duality of human experience. The partial image of the Vitruvian Man and the skull in the pyramid may represent life and death, perfection and decay, aspects intrinsically linked to our existence. The reference to the 17th-century "Tulip Mania" and Basquiat's Paramount logo can be interpreted as a critique of economic speculation and the commercialization of art, trends that have shaped our society in complex ways.

The Dance of Life and Death

The simultaneous presence of the Vitruvian Man and the skull in the pyramid takes us to the eternal dance of life and death, the paradox of existence. As Paul Klee pointed out, "Art does not reproduce the visible, but makes visible what is not always so." Thus, through Tirigall's lens, the dance of life and death becomes visible, reminding us of the fragility and beauty of our passage through this world.

Finally, the red star with the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah symbolizes the interconnection of all things and the inherent unity of creation. It suggests that, despite our differences and conflicts, we are all part of a broader life network extending through time and space.

"A Glimpse of Mankind" is a provocative and challenging work, inciting the viewer to reflect on the nature of humanity and our place in the universe. Every element in this masterpiece intertwines to form a tapestry of meanings, a mirror reflecting our fears, hopes, mistakes, and triumphs. It is a testament to our collective existence, a reminder of what we have been, what we are, and what we can become.

The painting, with its confluence of elements and symbolism, transcends the visual boundaries to become a philosophical reflection, an exploration of time and existence, a dance between life and death, and a cry of resistance. In the style of Street Art, the layers of the painting rapidly superimpose on
each other, akin to graffiti artists painting over each other's work, adding depth and texture to the overall aesthetic. This layering technique is reminiscent of a city wall, constantly evolving and changing, while simultaneously preserving the essence of its past.

This large painting is currently available for sale, inviting all admirers of expressionist and Street Art styles to own a piece of Tirigall's vision. With each detail, Tirigall invites us on a journey, an exploration of the human condition that challenges us to question, to think, and to feel.


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Kate Adams

Sep 12, 2020

Artful Beginnings Ignite a Stroke of Luck

I vividly recall that period two years back, when my partner and I inhabited a modest, yet affectionately adorned space. We devoted countless hours exploring various Street Art talents, ultimately leading to the acquisition of our very first painting. Little did we know, this was merely the prologue to an unfolding story. The subsequent years have been laden with blessings: a spacious new home, the joyous arrival of a new family member, and an abundance of walls craving the touch of art. When we relocated, the decision was instant and unanimous: our home needed more Tirigall. A heartfelt thank you, Diego. Your art has not only beautified our surroundings, it has also sprinkled an undeniable touch of luck into our lives.

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