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My Vision

About the Bitcoin and Blockchain Boom Collection


It’s false that the Universe has only had one Big Bang. The event with which God kickstarted everything that happens, happened and will happened has had several iterations, on a human scale.
Everything in life has its big bang, its D day.
The day in spring 2003 when the Winklevoss twins decided to hire Mark Zuckerberg, who then proceeded to borrow their idea (Facebook). The day Blockbuster decided that buying Netflix for 50 million dollars was a bad move. The day Kasparov lost the first game of the match against Deep Blue. The day Van Gogh decided he had one ear too many.

Sometimes that big bang, that D day, that infinite cascade of variables, that domino effect, goes unnoticed.
When Satoshi Nakamoto published the bases of Bitcoin in 2008, he didn’t make the cover of any newspapers, he wasn’t mentioned on the news. In fact, until then, nobody had ever heard of Satoshi, whose identity is still a mystery today. Satoshi published a white paper on a cryptocurrency message board which catered to computer nerds and know-it-alls who believed there was nothing new under the sun.
In his paper, which was barely 9 pages long and contained a couple of simple sketches, Satoshi presented 12 points where he spoke about P2P programming, cryptography and monetarism. “What is needed,” he said, “is an electronic payment system based on a cryptographic proof instead of trust, allowing any two willing parties to transact directly with each other without the need for a trusted third party.”

The nerds were blown away: never had a cryptocurrency project seemed so promising, so blazing, so revolutionary. This could be the end of banks, governments and the central economic power of the planet.
The big bang was well underway, but nothing changed on the surface. Transactions that involved buying and selling were carried out using pieces of paper and metal, printed and coined in solemn institutions, sealed, signed and resigned.
However, with that brilliant move, which initially went unnoticed, Satoshi silently, inconspicuously and apparently imperceptibly, triggered the future.
The cryptocurrency big bang was sealed two years later, when programmer Laszlo Hanyecz paid for two Papa John’s pizzas using 10,000 bitcoin for the first time ever.Today, that inaugural translation is worth more than $75 million. There’s even a Bitcoin Pizza Day to mark the occasion.

Shortly afterwards, Satoshi, the mastermind who kickstarted the big bang of the future, stepped aside, deleted his account, his identity and set free the butterfly effect of his creation, without intermediaries, with the raring energy of a bull run.

And he created his own legend. There are great many theories about his identity:
Satoshi is a corporation.
Satoshi is a woman.
Satoshi is an evil genius.
Satoshi is a good genius.
Satoshi came from the future.
Satoshi is an alien.
Satoshi is dead.

Painting about the social networks and the radicalization of the masses.

Whatever people say, the truth is that, wherever Satoshi may be, he is one of the 20 richest people in the world. He has $59 billion in an account. To stop the unstoppable, the world is already considering issuing virtual dollars and talking about crypto-governments.
Our planet is looking more like science fiction every day. And in this future, this digital currency is, unquestionably, the catalyst of everything that is coming.
We are breathing the future. But what will the future’s future be like? Not even the brightest minds dare imagine. There is no Jules Verne to anticipate the fluke of fate that will allow humanity to rise or fall into the pit of extinct species.
Will Bitcoin lead humanity to a fairer and more equitable future? Or will it accelerate an unthought-of, and despite the original motivation, counterattack, leading to more control and authoritarianism?

At present, the future is a map full of specks, figures and mathematical language. It is, in all, an amalgam of hypothesis. A truncated and branded graphic of projections. An Excel spreadsheet to nowhere. An abysmal question mark that gobbles everything up. An antimatter that repels calculations.
And there goes that undecipherable and slippery superhero, that smart mystery man, flying over the world as he flaps his algorithm wings. There goes Satoshi Nagamoto. Or what is left of him.

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