Real Scandinavian style and Nordic decoration

Real Scandinavian style and Nordic decoration

A perfect Scandinavian and Nordic room requires specific techniques to remake the look. Therefore, I leave you a modest and simple guide on how to do this properly.


To achieve a Scandinavian or Nordic design, the room and floor must be spotless. Throw away or remove unnecessary furniture, trash, and clutter. Aim for a minimalist appearance like the photo. In the photo, less is more, the floor shines through the furniture, and belongings in the room serve a purpose.

Color Palette

All Nordic and Scandinavian styles use the same black, white, and gray palette. While black and white must be traditional, every shade of gray is acceptable.   Embrace nickel, charcoal, and silver shades along with gray mixes like taupe, blue-gray, and gray-green.

Pastel Colors

Use accessories to introduce pastel colors so it brightens up the room. Blend light blue, pink, green, and mauve pillows, wall decorations, window valance, rugs, and knickknacks into the space similar to the photograph.

Recycle Wood

The wood accepted in Scandinavian and Nordic designs is reclaimed wood. Similar to recessed wood, reclaimed wood takes unwanted wood and repurpose it. Use reclaimed wood on walls, floors, as wall art, or as furniture.

Add Plants

Luscious green plants and flowers literally and figuratively breathe life into a room. Plants double as a decorative piece due to its appearance.

Welcome Stripes and Geometry

Stripes and geometric shapes make Nordic and Scandinavian rooms casual and relaxing. Use the color palette and pastel colors to commence striped accessories into the room. Then, select one shape and use it throughout the room. In the photo, the square theme emerges on the window, photo frame, computer screen, and printer.

Find Inspiration

Search through emerging artists to get your creative juices flowing. I recommend and as a home base for inspiring trendsetters along with Anastasia Savinova, Alyssa Hamilton, and Florent Bodart's photos for ideas.

Go for Gold

Complete the Nordic or Scandinavian style by inserting accessories with gold colors into the room. Make certain gold complements the space, not overpowers it.

As you can see, these Scandinavian and Nordic rules separate authentic designs from the pretenders. Use these rules to create a Scandinavian or Nordic room accurately.


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