My Christmas gift list for eco-lovers🎄

My Christmas gift list for eco-lovers🎄

In case you are struggling to find Christmas gifts, I wanted to spread good cheer by offering my Christmas shopping list as inspiration for your list. 

Candy Babee Pink Riesling - $10

Casual, moderate, and expert wine drinkers will love this selection from Chateau Diana. The Candy Babee Pink Reisling has a fruity flavor that balances out hot and spicy meals, specifically pears, peaches, apricots, and grapefruit. I admire this winery due to their high quality, affordable prices, and the label (one of my designs is on it).

Inner Nature - Candy Babee Pink Riesling

AquaFrut 32 OZ Fruit Infuser Water Bottle - $10.97

Water's taste doesn't quench everyone's thirst. Sugar water or store-bought flavored water tastes better, but it's too sweet, artificial, and fattening. The AquaFrut Fruit Infuser Water Bottle uses natural fruit to sweeten the water. Drink as much naturally sweetened water as you wish and get the satisfying quench without gaining weight.

More flavor for your hydratation needs

Special Tea Pack for Christmas 26.99 

Tea lovers will enjoy this hidden gem from La Casa de Te. I sampled this tea beforehand, and this is the best tea I've ever had. I drink this tea after work and it really soothes me. Each bag of Red Tea Vanilla, Fruit Paradise, After Lunch, and Fruit Christmas has 50 grams of tea plus a round tin and a Shamila mug.

The perfect pack for tea lovers

VicTsing 300ml Cool Mist Humidifier - $33.99

The natural-looking wood grain on this humidifier looks gorgeous in bedrooms and bathrooms. At maximum capacity (300 ml), the humidifier lasts up to 10 hours without noise. All you get is the mist hydrating dry skin and improving air quality. An automatic shut-off notice, a time setting, and a LED light complete the package. It comes in five colors.

Aromatherapy oil diffuser

BLOOM Zafu Meditation Pillow Cushion - $39

Fitness novices, experts, and everyone in between will embrace the Zafu Meditation Pillow Cushion from BLOOM. Adjust the machine-washable pillow to make it firm or soft. Sitting on it improves posture during meditation. The carry handle makes it easy to transport. Available in six colors.

Meditation Zafu

Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 - $59.95

The days of fighting rodents and spraying pesticides are over. The third edition of the Click and Grow Smart Garden is an indoor gardening kit. Grow tasty food using water, nutrients, and an overhead light in a controlled environment. Choose from an herb garden, wild strawberries, purple chili peppers, cilantro and coriander, arugula, or red shiso.

self-growing garden

Live Love Travel - Canvas Print - $59,95

There's one Deco art in my collection to give as a gift, and it's this one. The phrase 'Live Love Travel' with the world map as a backdrop tells a story. The texture from wood material warms up any home. It's a beautiful conversation piece for your living room or dining room table at an affordable price.

Live Love Travel - affordable art

PowerPort Solar Lite 2 Ports - $50.99

The solar-powered phone charger has two ports, meaning it can charge two cell phones at once. With fast charging, you can power several phones up in less than an hour. A surge and short circuit protectors ensure phones never overheat. It's also easy to transport anywhere outdoors.

PowerPort Solar Lite 2 Ports

Lotus 12" Steel Tongue drum 8 notes - $229

Like traditional drums, play beautiful sounds with this Steel Tongue drum. The noticeable difference is the design. This drum has hand-carving decorations, which double as a decorative piece when not in use. A pair of mallets comes with purchase.

Handpan meditation yoga 

I do wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I will spend the rest of the year packing my belongings and moving to Spain. After a difficult year, I hope to start the New Year in Spain with a renewed sense of purpose. It fills me with such hope and expectations that things will turn around. 


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