DIY Geometric wall art with pallets  🤙

DIY Geometric wall art with pallets 🤙

 Afew days ago I decided to finish what I started and returned to a job that I've postponed for a long time. Leaving the project and focusing on equally important matters helped me to return to the project with clarity. I approved this project differently than before and really like the outcome so far. I wanted to share the process with you, so I uploaded some photos.


To begin, I found several wood pallets and dismantled them. I wanted to preserve as much wood as possible, so I grabbed a hammer and pulled out the nails. After a time-consuming process, the pallet is now unassembled and the preserved wood is ready for use.

I filmed this process in its entirety, but I lost the original video for this project 😢. I had to resort back to a previous Instagram video. A lot has changed since filming, but it shows the basics 🙏.

 What qualifies wood pallets as distressed wood are the details. The holes, dents, lines, scratches, and texture highlight the wood's age and history. This history is what makes distressed art attractive. I recycled the wood's distressed parts into visual masterpieces, complementing paintings and photographs.

Because the most stunning masterpieces come from distressed wood, I embrace destroyed wood. Destroyed wood is the perfect wood for distressed art, so the more destroyed the better.

I begin by checking the wood's durability. I tossed brittle wood since it isn't durable for artwork. The durable wood underwent painting, cutting, drawing, and nailing to mold into wonderful artwork.

I personally like to paint wood with various colors to emphasize its texture.

In another photo, I painted the wood in different colors so it meshes well with all home color schemes. A more structured, symmetric, and unified result is painting wood two or three colors.

Finally you can see the final result with some retouches in photoshop for my canvas prints collection

 In closing, it's very rewarding to see my art displayed in your home. I take great pride in my work. If you are reading this, you might like more artwork. There's plenty of art to select and purchase, so browse away.

You can also paint and create patterns. Triangles, squares, rectangles, circles, octagons, and parallelograms are acceptable shapes, but use any shape you like. Cut the wood into the same shape. Then piece the wood shapes together using nails and glue, similar to piecing together a quilt. You can paint the shapes before or after wood cutting

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