Neo Expressionism & Street Art

Bitcoin And Blockchain Boom

“Bitcoin is just part of a larger revolution that hopes to completely liberate the internet.
What are we talking about? In one word: decentralization.”

“Bitcoin and Blockchain Boom” is the name of a collection of paintings inspired by a huge event, an event that took place in 2008 when a man called Satoshi Nakamoto presented his white paper on cryptography and monetarism, two things that have been changing the world silently since then.

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Once again, this collection presents a series of unanswered questions. How can bitcoin be worth more than the dollar? How can there be more cryptocurrencies than official currencies in the world (162 vs. +10K)? How can NFTs be bending the rules in art, music, film and other industries? All thanks to some guy who one day decided to go off the grid. In his wake, he gave us Blockchain and a handful of crypto-commandments: you shall not steal NFTs, you shall not forget your 24-word seed phrase, you shall not exchange your cryptocurrencies… I might have made those up, but I’m sure you’ll agree they sound true.

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